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Where The Dog Parks Are: Dogs Love A Wild Rumpus

Dog in Pet Friendly Apartment wants to Play

I mentioned in my first pets in the city blog that I have a dog and two cats. Since finding a pet friendly apartment, I’ve learned that my cats are perfect pets for apartment living. They want to be fed, have a clean litter box, and toys. Trips outdoors are not required. On the other hand, my dog needs me to feed her, walk her, and give her back as much love and attention as she gives me. I’ve already discussed how you can spoil your pets in the city at pet boutiques, now I will focus on where the dog friendly parks are in Boston.

To give your dog some grass time in Boston, take them on long walks along the Esplanade, the Commonwealth Mall, Blackstone Square, or any park in Boston. Taking your dog on a walk to different parks in and around your neighborhood is a great way to explore the city and enjoy Boston’s historic architecture. Another option is the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. This 265-acre historic landscape is open year round from dawn until dusk and was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, he also designed a little park in Manhattan called Central Park. But please respect the plants and keep your dog leashed, with the hills and size of this arboretum, your dog will be exhausted just walking by your side.

If you want to give your dog playtime with other dogs, there are official off-lease dog parks at the Boston Common near Beacon Hill, Peter’s Park in the South End, and many more throughout the city. Be sure to check the designated off-leash hours at each dog park. These parks not only offer exercise for your dog, but they are great places to get to know your neighbors, learn about local events, and neighborhood gatherings.

Brookline also offers 14 off-leash dog parks, but I am reluctant to write about these parks because I do not have first hand experience with any of them. I do know the off-lease parks are available to both residents and non-residents when you pay a fee to register your dog. Some of the Brookline dog parks have off-leash hours from dawn until 9am, others until 1pm, and a few parks have hours from dawn until dusk from December to February.

If you can’t give your dog all the exercise they need throughout the day, there are plenty of dog walkers all over the city that can help. Many dog walkers are easy to find online or you can ask the people that work at the pet boutiques but the best way to find one is at the dog parks. At the dog parks, you can see first hand how the dog walkers treat the dogs in their care and which one will be the best fit for your dog.

At the end of the day, your dog is so happy for the attention you give them. Whether it’s for a short walk around the block, a play-date at the park, or an adventure around the city, they just love being with you.

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