Real Estate Tips I Learned from Realtors in Movies

As I was watching Downton Abbey recently, I was amazed how the estate was the real star of the show rather than the characters. It made me think about movies I’ve seen where the house was the real star. Then I started thinking about how Realtors were portrayed in other movies. After making a list of of real estate movies, I began to analyze what real estate tips I could take away from the Realtors featured in those movies.

Poltergeist, the story of a good house gone badPoltergeist tells the story of a family’s dream home turning into a nightmare. Craig T. Nelson’s character is a Realtor who moved his family into a new home which is part of his company’s new real estate development. What he didn’t know was the real estate developers built this home over an old cemetery and the contractors only moved the head stones. What can we learn from this horror classic? If you can, try to find out if the house is built over a cemetery. Supposedly spirits get angry when their eternal rest is disturbed. In Massachusetts, this may not have happened because this would fall under stigmatized property and would have to be disclosed.

American Beauty shows that looking deeper can revel something differentAmerican Beauty plays on the theme that beauty on the outside can’t hide the ugly inside. Annette Bening gave a wonderful performance as an insecure real estate broker that focuses on superficial beauty and material possessions. She makes herself and her listings appear flawless. What can we learn from this Academy Award winning picture? No matter how perfect she made her life seem, it was not real, and she would never be happy. Trying to make yourself or your listings into something they are not, will never fool anyone. The right way to market real estate and your own attributes are to accent the strengths instead of covering up the weaknesses.

The Money Pit is another story of a dream home turning into a nightmare. But unlike ghosts stealing children into the TV, it’s a the perfect house that falls apart the second the couple moves in. When first-time homebuyers, played by Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, move into what could be their dream home, they soon discover they were duped and the more they fix, the more  has to be fixed. In the end, after all the renovation and costs, the foundation was strong and everything worked out. What can be learned from this movie? Always get your home inspected!

Glengarry Glen Ross shows salesmen at their worst, willing do whatever it takes to make a sale. This story is focused on a group of desperate real estate salesmen. Each character has different motivation for why they do their job and what they will do to make a sale. What can be learned from this movie? You should never feel like you are being sold because your agent should have your best interests in mind. These men had their interests and their needs in mind and their clients were mere obstacles to overcome toward getting what they needed. We also learned “coffee is for closers.”

Trainspotting features real estate only briefly, but it shows London real estate can be a bigger high than heroin. When the main character, Mark Renton, sobers from his heroin addiction and  finds his life in Edinburgh boring and meaningless, he moves to London and becomes a property letting agent. A property letting agent is basically a real estate agent that focuses on rentals. Due to ties at home, he has to leave, but in the end he chooses life. What can be learned from this movie? Renton’s life was boring and meaningless, when he moved to London the excitement and challenge that came from working in real estate, brought a sense of purpose he had been missing. This lesson may be more for future Realtors but if you are feeling trapped in mundane experiences, real estate may be a career to consider.

Working in real estate is exciting and challenging. Every business has drawbacks and unscrupulous people, which is why it is crucial to work with someone that you do trust and who truly understands your goals. If you are interested in speaking with a Realtor about your real estate needs (buying, selling, renting, etc.), contact the Realtors of Matthew and Alisa Group Real Estate.

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