Why Use a Realtor to Sell PropertyTips for Buyers from Sellers

Moshe Elmekias RE Group v2

Moshe headshot

Fenway Park parcel in 1917

How to View Property

Brownstone property for sale in the South End




Matthew Gaskill and Alisa Peterson, a team of Realtors from Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Boston

Proper Etiquette to View Property

Property for sale or rent in Boston…what to know before a showing

Dog Friendly Apartment

Dog in my pet-friendly loft

52 P Street - Bode Well

Poltergeist and Real Estate

Poltergeist is a horror film that features a dream home built over a desecrated cemetery.

106 G Street - Keller Williams

American Beauty and Real Estate

American Beauty shows the lengths an insecure real estate broker will go to be better at her job and life

392 W 2nd St #392 - Boston Realty Sales and Services

Assessed Value vs Market Value

A Property’s Assessed Value vs Market Value

404 E 3rd Street #2 - RE:MAX Realty Plus

The Money Pit and Real Estate

The Money Pit is the story of a couple that was dubbed into buying a rundown mansion that almosts costs them their sanity and relationship

Glengarry Glen Ross and Real Estate

A group of desperate real estate salesmen that will beg, borrow, and steal to make a sale.

Trainspotting and Real Estate

The main character, Mark Renton, a former heroin addict finds his life boring and meaningless until he moves to London and becomes a rental agent.


Property Priced High for the Sales Market

Property Priced to Sell on the Sales Market

Fair Housing - Buy Property You Want Where you Want

Christmas Fire Safety

Sotheby's International Realty

Sotheby’s International Realty network

Wait! Are you on the same page in your real estate relationship

A real estate relationship depends on honest communication. Did you discuss what your want with your Realtor? Did they discuss what they need from you?

Obama's Reelection and Housing Market

74 Beacon Street

The Benjamin Mansion at 74 Beacon Street

Use a Realtor to Buy Property

3.8% Real Estate Transfer Tax Rumor is False


Investment Property

Mt Vernon St Sold Condo

Winter repairs 2

Chestnut St Sold Condo

Revere St Sold Condo

Beacon St Sold Condo

Matthew and Alisa Group Real Estate Website and Blog

Real estate blog and website for searching mls property for sale and rent.

Real Estate Relationship

Real estate relationships take trust and communication.

285 Columbus Avenue Boston Realty Advisors

285 Columbus Avenue Boston Realty Advisors

286 Commonwealth Avenue Warren Residential Group, LLC

Are You Ready to Sell Your Property?

369 Beacon Street Realty Development Services

27 Anderson St #6

43 Lawrence Street - Rondeau:Tierney Real Estate, LLC

181 Essex Street #405

Former Boston Herald site

Ink Block apartment development will be built on the Boston Herald site

Parking for Food Trucks

Parking spots throughout the city are designated for food trucks

7 Worcester Square - Sprogis & Neale Real Estate

Visit to a Food Truck

Food Trucks can be found throughout the city and offers treats and meals

299 Marlborough Street Thread Real Estate

1313 Washington #230 - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

41 Commonwealth Ave

Three adjacent buildings on Albany Street

360 Newbury Street Otis & Ahearn

42 Union Park #1 - Keller Williams Realty International

Condo in Back Bay

928 East Broadway

Second-Empire Historic Mansion with a Mansard Roof

Dueling Agents

Boston Brownstone with Brick Sidewalk

South End Brownstone with Brick Sidewalk

936-942 East Broadway

The brick row houses at 936-942 East Broadway were built by Collins for his children.

Interest Rate vs Loan Payment

Parking for Food Trucks

Throughout the city, parking spaces have been allotted for Boston food trucks.

Interest Rates from 2012-2013

Detail of Longfellow Bridge

Freddie Mac History


Matthew and Alisa Group Real Estate is a team of Realtors with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Boston

Luxury Buildings Banning Smoking

Schedule a consultation with a real estate agent

Kitten with Leopard Print Toy

Toys for pets are available in Boston pet boutiques

Cat in New Home with No Toys

Cat in a bookshelf in my Boston loft


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Albany at Traveler

Site of a new development at Albany and Traveler in Boston’s South End

141 Arlington Street condo

Real Estate Sales Market

South End Condo for sale on Boston’s Real Estate Sales Market

Plan Today to Sell Property Tomorrow


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Parking in Boston

parking options in Boston

Site for New Development in Boston's South End

New Development site on Albany Street in Boston’s South End.

Blue Bathroom, nobody really wants one.

Brick Sidewalk in Boston

Boston sidewalk made of bricks makes walking difficult

How to Win Against Multiple Offers

St. Patricks Day Parade Route

Parade route of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

133 Marlborough Street #7 - Gibson Sotheby's International Realty

326 Dartmouth Street #2 - Paragon Properties

351 Beacon Street #6 - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

110 Stuart Street - Otis & Ahearn


Union Park in Boston's South End

Union Park in Boston’s South End neighborhood

Home Buying Process Class at Stella

Ames Webster Mansion

Ames Webster Mansion at 306 Dartmouth Street in Boston

Close Escrow Before the Year Ends

Kitten with Leopard Print Toy

Kitten toys are available at pet boutiques

Matthew and Alisa Group Real Estate Blog

Matthew Gaskill and Alisa Peterson, Realtors with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

tools for deciding where to live in Boston

159 West 3rd St - Vogt Realty Group

Moshe Elmekias RE Group  | Gibson Sotheby's International Realty

Real estate website and blog

163 West 7th St - RE:MAX Realty Plus

Kitten with Leopard Print Toy

cat toys are sold at local pet stores

Filming in Boston's South End

Movie production in Boston has been booming

691 East 7th St - RE:MAX Select Realty

860 East 4th - RE:MAX Realty Plus

Poor Staging will not sell property

Ames Webster Mansion Highlights

Ames Webster Mansion at 306 Dartmouth Street in Boston’s Back Bay

Home Improvement Projects

Community Servings Pie in the Sky



DIY Cleaning Will Save Money When Moving

Cleaning your old home will save you money in the long run.

Boston Roof Deck  with Grill

Properly installed gas grill on roof deck in Boston’s South End

dog in the city

Mixed Breed Dog at Boston Common


About to make the Jump

Variety of Mortgage Lenders

107 Chestnut Street #5

Boutique Mortgage Lender Guaranteed Rate

34.5 Beacon Street #7N

121 Beach St 703 Kitchen:Dining

37 Brimmer Street #1

33 Chestnut Street #3&4

121 Beach St 703 Kitchen:Dining:Master Bed2

Sales Property also offered for Rent

South End Brownstone on Union Park.

41 Commonwealth Avenue #3 Back Bay condo

121 Beach St 703 Master Bed

The Mason Home features a Grand Mahogany Staircase

The Mason Home has had many renovations and restorations over time including the Mahogany Staircase.

The Mason Home's Music Room

The music room was added to the Mason Home is 1897 and held performances from the best musicians of the time

The Mason Home's Formal Salon

The formal salon at the Mason Home in Boston’s Back Bay features exquisite detail in craftsmanship

247 Commonwealth Avenue - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

The Mason Home in Boston's Back Bay

The Mason Home is a million dollar historic mansion for sale in Boston’s Back Bay


776 Boylston Street - Hammond Residential

282 Beacon Street - Campion and Company

294 Newbury Street - Warren Residential Group

Drama of First Home Purchase

buying a home in Boston is made easier with a Realtor

South End brownstone building

brownstone building for sale in the South End

434 Marlborough Street - Boston Realty Advisors


Boston city living is in high demand

35 Kingston Street #1:B exterior

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35 Kingston Street #1:B interior

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Boston Zip Car

Zipcar is a car-sharing service with cars available to rent by the day or hour

Buying Boston

Investing in real estate is thought to be safer than investing in the stock market. If you are not finding what you want in rentals, search sales.

Rent vs Buy

Renting an apartment vs buy a home can be a big and costly decision if rushed.

Fenway Park 100th Anniversary

Field Painted for Fenway Park 100th Annivesary

Renting in Boston


Fenway Park Plaque

Mary Baker Eddy Library

Inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library is the Mapparium, one of Boston’s hidden gems. Located at the Christian Science Plaza in Back Bay off Massachusetts Ave.

17 Appleton Street - Meridian Realty Group

30 Union Park Street - Keller Williams Realty International

Fenway Park at 24 Yawkey Way

485-495 Harrison Avenue - Ballast Realty Group

22 Greenwich Park - South End Realty Group

Preparing Today to Buy Tomorrow

Selling Your Property

Duffy's Cliff 1918

Purchasing real estate with cash

cash buyers in Boston are on the rise

Relocate to Boston

relocating to Boston with a dog

Green Monster scoreboard

Get Pre-Approved Before You Look to Buy

Fenway Park on Yawkey Way

Moshe Elmekias | Boston Realtor

Best Return on Investment

Practical projects versus personal projects will always bring the best return on investment.

Fenway Park media box

Personality vs Resale

If a project has too much of the owners personality it can hurt at resale, but if that it not an important factor, make the home yours.

Staging your home to sell

Get Pre-Approved Before Buying

Paperwork for Buying Property

The paperwork for buying property can overwhelming but your Realtor will be able to guide you through it all.